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Whether you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, learn about the difference, symptoms and signs, causes and risk factors.

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Are Bananas Safe for People with Diabetes?

A common eating misstep most people with diabetes make? Passing on bananas! This versatile fruit doesn't need to be the sugar-spiker many of us mistake it to be, nor do we need to consider it completely off-limits! Here's how to enjoy 'em without worry.

9 Surprising Foods That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Blood Sugar

You might not think of these foods as being bad for your blood sugar—but here, certified diabetes educators call...

Trying to Quit Sugar? A Diabetes Patient Reveals the One Change That Saved His Life

The American Diabetes Association has estimated that nearly 50 million Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic. After diabetes...

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50 Functional Foods for People With Diabetes

Functional foods are some of the healthiest foods people with diabetes can eat to help lower blood sugar and improve...

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What Are Endocrine Disruptors? How These Chemicals Affect the Body

Here's what you need to know about endocrine disrupting chemicals, where they are found, and how to avoid them.

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Is Pineapple Good for People With Diabetes?

Here's what diabetes experts want you to know about eating pineapple if you have diabetes.

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What Can I Eat If I Have Type 2 Diabetes?

Eating healthy meals is essential for managing type 2 diabetes. Learn which foods and eating plans can help you...

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A Woman in Her 20s Shares What It’s Like to Have Diabetic Foot Problems

After a childhood diabetes diagnosis, one woman shares how she learned the hard way about the foot problems...

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This Woman with Diabetes Almost Lost Her Leg Due to an Ant Bite

After an ant bite, a woman with type 1 diabetes was told she needed an amputation. Here's how doctors were...

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How to Keep Your Feet Healthy if You Have Diabetes

Foot care is an important part of managing diabetes. Follow this diabetes foot care guide to find...

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10 Best Diabetic Sandals for Women, According to Experts

Diabetic foot care doesn't have to be plain and boring. Reap the therapeutic benefits of diabetic sandals without sacrificing...

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10 Best Diabetic Shoes for Men, According to Podiatrists

Protect your feet with comfort and style with podiatrist-recommended diabetic shoes for men. Great for everyday use, travel, exercise, and...

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This Doctor Is Saving Limbs in Black Patients with Diabetes

Black patients lose limbs to diabetes 
at three times the rate that others do. One doctor is on a mission...

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10 Best Diabetic Slippers for Men, According to Podiatrists

If you have diabetes, you can protect your feet with these podiatrist-recommended slippers for men. Get the warmth, comfort,...

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The 10 Best Shoes for Neuropathy, According to Experts

Whether you're walking, traveling, or exercising, you can limit nerve damage and protect your feet with these expert-recommended shoes...

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The 10 Best Diabetic Shoes for Women

The right pair of shoes can make a big difference when it comes to avoiding diabetes-related foot problems. We...

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Is Stevia Bad for You? What Experts Say About This Sugar Substitute

Stevia's popularity is soaring even as other non-sugar sweeteners fall from grace, but where did this sugar substitute come from,...

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What Experts Need You to Know About the Glycemic Index Vs. Glycemic Load

Ever wondered how to tell good carbs from bad? These measures can help reveal how quickly foods can raise...

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What Are Diabetic Blisters?

Here's how to identify, treat, and avoid this common diabetes skin condition.

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How Diabetic Foot Ulcers Start (and How to Prevent Them)

Diabetic foot ulcers are an outward symptom of diabetes that affect millions of Americans and can cause big-time problems if...

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Snacks for People With Diabetes: 12 Expert Tips for Healthy Snacking

The danger of snacks for people with diabetes is that they can become like an extra meal. Here are...

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9 Signs of Diabetes in Men that Shouldn’t Be Ignored

More than 86 million American adults have prediabetes—and 90 percent of those people have no idea. The condition increases your...

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14 Mistakes People with Prediabetes Make When Dieting

Trying to keep your blood sugar steady, slim down, and avoid type 2 diabetes? Watch out for these pitfalls...

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How to Treat Low Blood Sugar: 7 Tricks Every Person With Diabetes Should Know

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is a common yet scary side effect of diabetes—but a little preparation can go a...

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7 Good Carbs for Diabetes That Nutritionists Want You to Eat

If you have diabetes, you can (and should) eat carbs. The key: eating proper portions and choosing carbs that will...

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4 Science-Backed Reasons People with Diabetes Can Eat Fruit Worry-Free

People diagnosed with diabetes may wonder if they can have fruit. The research says yes—you should eat fruit if you...

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Fenugreek Benefits: Can It Help Treat Diabetes?

The fenugreek herb has a rich history and may have health benefits.

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Insulin Injections: What Diabetes Doctors Want You to Know

About six million Americans use insulin injections, according to the American Diabetes Association. Learning how to take it correctly,...

Type 2 Diabetes Diet: What to Eat to Lose Weight

Dieting just two days a week could balance blood sugar. Here's how it works

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Does Eating too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes?

There are a lot of factors that play a role in type 2 diabetes, and sugar is just one...